Apcalis Oral Jelly


Apcalis Oral Jelly is a proven and successful treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is in Jelly form.



What is Apcalis oral Jelly?

Apcalis oral Jelly UK is an erectile dysfunction medicine. It is manufactured in the form of Jelly which is easy to swallow. It contains an extremely powerful substance Tadalafil which helps in getting erection. The effect of the medicine is visible within 15 minutes. The effect stays in the body for up to 36 hours. The medicine comes in a pack of 7 sachets with different assorted flavours.

Clear your doubts and fears about buying Apcalis Jelly

There are lot of fear and doubts about buying Apcalis oral Jelly online. It is extremely safe to buy it from a reputed online pharmacy. It is convenient and fast. Safety and privacy is the utmost priority of these online pharmacies. Get rid of your fear and enjoy sex with your partner.

Is Cialis oral Jelly and Apcalis oral Jelly different?

Cialis has the same ingredient which Apcalis has. Both have Tadalafil 20mg. Efficacy and quality is high for both the brands. Cialis is a product of US based company where as Apcalis is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma based out of India.

Having Trouble in taking hard pills?

No need to worry if you have difficulties in swallowing the hard tablets. You don’t need to crush or split the tablet as it loses its efficacy. You can simply use Apcalis Jelly which is easy to use. The sachet opens with little pressure and can be swallowed easily. It is a great plus for old age and people having difficulty in swallowing tablets. Because it is in jelly form, it quickly dissolves in the body. The onset of action is faster than any traditional medicines. The effect stays in the body for more than 36 hours.

How does Apcalis oral Jelly work?

Apcalis oral Jelly Germany contains Tadalafil a substance which is responsible for erection. It belongs to the group of medicines known as PDE-5 inhibitors. The medicine acts on enzyme which degrades cGMP in the corpus cavernosum. It increases cGMP and relax blood vessels in and around penis. Constant blood flow leads to erection which is firm and strong. It lets you enjoy sex for longer duration of time. One can get multiple erections upon sexual stimulation.

Is Apcalis oral Jelly and Kamagra oral Jelly same?

Doctors prescribe both the medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The main substance present in Apcalis oral Jelly is Tadalafil 20mg where as Kamagra oral jelly has 100mg of Sildenafil in it. The effect of Apcalis Jelly UK stays for as long as 36-48 hours. However Kamagra oral jelly UK stays in the body for 3-4 hours.

Benefits of using Apcalis oral Jelly:

  1. Faster onset of action
  2. Convenient to use
  3. Good for people having difficulty in swallowing the tablet
  4. Comes in different flavored Jellies
  5. High efficacy because it is in Jelly form

When to avoid Apcalis oral Jelly?

Always speak to your doctor before starting the medicine. A doctor’s consultation is a must for consuming Tadalafil. Always buy the medicine after ensuring you are not suffering from following diseases.

  1. Irregular Haeart beats
  2. Chest pain
  3. Recent stroke
  4. Any cardiovascular disease
  5. Liver disease
  6. Painful erection
  7. Cancer
  8. Angulation and fibrosis

Contact your doctor immediately if you face any abnormalities in your body. Look out for prolonged side effects.

Side effects of using Apcalis oral Jelly

Consuming the medicine may give you some side effects. Our team of experts suggests to contact your doctor immediately in case of side effects lasting for more than 4 hours. Below is the list of side effects which normally men get:

  1. Headache
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Body pain
  4. Back pain
  5. Vomiting
  6. Dizziness
  7. Nose bleeding
  8. Flushing
  9. Heart attack
  10. Indigestion

Stop the use of the drug if you get any of the following side effects:

  1. Erection for more than 4 hours
  2. Photosensitivity
  3. Loss of vision
  4. Hearing loss

Expert advice for taking Apcalis oral Jelly:

  1. Take the medicine before light meal. Avoid heavy meal
  2. Onset of action for Apcalis oral Jelly UK is 15 minutes. Plan your sex
  3. Do not consume alcohol as it drops the blood pressure
  4. Always consume full sachet of the medicine
  5. Long expiry medicine can only give 100% efficacy. Hence avoid short expiry medicine
  6. Avoid grape juice. It reduces the effect of medicine
  7. Avoid Nitrate medicine
  8. Do not take the medicine if you are diabetic of have any heart disease

What to do in case of Overdose?

Always ensure to take only the prescribed dose. Taking extra dose can be hazardous to your health and can be the reason of stroke or heart attack.

How to store and dispose Apcalis oral Jelly?

Keep the medicine in its original packing away from children and kids. Let the medicine be at a place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Always dispose the medicine through agencies expert in handling medical waste. Flushing the medicine or throwing it at a place easily accessible by children and pets can be dangerous

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