How Vidalista professional is different from Cenforce professional?

Vidalista Professional 20mg

Erectile Dysfunction  is commonly seen in elderly men. But that does not affect just elder men, even young men face this issue. Age is no longer a factor based on which erectile dysfunction is caused. When there is blocked blood flow to the penile area or when the blood does not stay in the penile tissues, you cannot get an erection. There are many different treatments or drugs available for erectile dysfunction. It is always a confusing factor for many people. When so many medicines are available, you never know which one to pick. Vidalista Professional 20mg and Cenforce Professional uk are the two best medicine prescribed by many doctors across the globe. But which one to pick? How Vidalista Professional is different from Cenforce Professional?

It is only your doctor who can pick the right medicine for you. So, you need to consult the health care professional for it. But before that, here is some helpful information about these two ED Medication:

Active Ingredients:

The first difference between Cenforce Professional and Vidalista Professional is their active ingredients. Cenforce Professional comes with Sildenafil Citrate as the main ingredient and Vidalista has Tadalafil in it. The active ingredient of any medicine plays the main role. Your doctor will decide the perfect dose based on your health condition. Knowledge about your health and other health issues help the doctor to make the choice. Both the medicines are available in the sublingual capsules form. These need to be kept below the tongue instead of swallowing.

The strengths:

The strengths in which these two medicines are available also make them different from each other. The level of impotence in each person is different. So, based on these levels your medicine will be suggested. For some people, a higher dose is required, while some need to start with the lowest dose possible. The dose of Vidalista Professional is 20 mg. But when it comes to Cenforce Professional, it has 00mg of Sildenafil Citrate in it.. So, that makes it easy for the doctor to prescribe one right dose.

Hours of effectiveness:

What is the time for which it stays effective? This factor also helps in differentiating between these two. Cenforce Professional contains Sildenafil Citrate and will be active for only four hours at maximum. But when you take Vidalista Professional, the medicine works for 36 hours. This is why it is also known as weekend pill. One can get multiple erections upon sexual stimulation within 36 hours just by taking one pill.

When do they work:

Along with how long they work, you should also check how long they take to work. Yes, Vidalista professional will take only 20 minutes to show the results. But Cenforce Professional will take more than 30 minutes to give the results. So, even this is a factor to help you understand their difference.

How to take these two medicines?

Cenforce Professional is a medicine that can be taken as per the requirement or on daily basis. Any dose of this medicine can be taken either way. But for Vidalista Professional, you will have to take depending on how you want it to work. If you want to make love daily, then take a lower dose on daily basis. But if you are looking for weekend fun, then use the higher dose that lasts for 36 hours. You need to inform the doctor and they will suggest the right strength based on the results you are looking for.

One important point to remember here is you will have to take only one pill in 24 hours. For a weekend pill, your doctor will provide the extra instructions. When taking Vidalista Professional, you can take the pill with a meal or without. But for Cenforce Professional, it is always good to take it on empty stomach. If you want to take it after the meal, then take it for at least after two hours. That way you can see good results.


So, these were some of the most common differences that you will be able to notice between Cenforce Professional and Vidalista Professional. Both medicines give good results. But when you use them with the guidance of your doctor you can get the best results. Not all medicines work for everyone. If you wish to get long-lasting effects, Vidalista Professional is a great choice. It works quickly and shows a longer effect. But remember both medicines are equally effective and popular. Let the doctor decide which is right for you. Your doctor may suggest a change in the pills if one does not work. You should always give some time for each medicine to show results. They may not work from the very first time you take them.

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