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Cenforce professional is a sublingual tablet containing sildenafil citrate 100mg. It is helpful for people having difficulties in swallowing the tablet



What is Cenforce professional ?

Cenforce professional is the most effective and trustworthy ED medicine available for the treatment of impotency in men. This is a sublingual ED pill which works by keeping it below the tongue. One should not chew or swallow the tablet. It starts the action by keeping one pill below the tongue. The medicine slowly dissolves and starts the action.

Cenforce Professional UK contains an active pharmaceutical ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. This is the same ingredient which is present in world famous Viagra. FDA approved Sildenfil citrate in the year 1998 for commercial use because of its property to relax blood vessels and increase blood supply into penis. An increase in blood supply leads to penis erection. The effect of the medicine stays in the body for 3-4 hours. Cenforce professional is one of the generic versions of Sildenafi citrate.

The medicine has quickly covered the entire ED market of UK and USA due to its high efficacy and low cost. It is easily available in online pharmacies at an affordable cost.

Erectile Dysfunction – The concept and Causes?

It is a sexual disorder which has impacted at least 70% of male population across the world. Erectile dysfunction is temporary in nature and affects all age group. It is a condition when men are not able to get or sustain erection up to the time of satisfaction / orgasm.

As per doctors, inability to perform in bed due to mental sickness such as dementia, Alzheimer, depression, anxiety, stress etc. are known as psychological factors. People with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, Parkinsonism etc. also impact the erection process. Even recent surgery, stroke or injury impacts the penis erection. In all these cases the common reason is stiffness of blood vessels due to which there is less supply of blood into penile area.

Other common reasons are growing age, poor diet, lack of exercise, low testosterone level etc.

How does Cenforce professional helps in treating erectile dysfunction?

Less blood supply to penis leads to non erection of penis. Due to old age and various other factors blood vessels in penile area become stiff. Because of this the blood supply reduces in penis. Cenforce professional UK contains sildenafil citrate which belongs to the family of medicines known as PDE-5 (Phosphodiestarase) inhibitors. The role of the medicine is to reduce the effect of enzyme which affects cGMP a chemical which facilitates communication between brain and penis. Further it relaxes blood vessels and widens it. This causes increase in blood flow which results in erection. Your doctor may prescribe 1 pill a day for treating erectile dysfunction. The medicine starts working in 20-30 minutes and stays in the body for 3-4 hours.

Recommendations to take Cenforce professional:

Taking medicine in a correct way and correct time can only give positive results. Cenforce professional tablets need sexual stimulation for it to start working. Our panel of experts recommend following points to get 100% positive result.

  1. Expert advice – Take advise from someone who knows your body and how it reacts to certain medicines. Our recommendation is to consult your family physician or a sexologist. Tell them about your present illness and the medicines you are already taking. Let the expert analyze and after evaluation prescribe you right dose and the right medicine for you.


  1. Planning – Plan your sex. The medicine works only on sexual stimulation. Take medicine at least 20-30 minutes before the planned sex.


  1. Patience – It is important to have patience. Cenforce Professional tablets may take more than the usual time depending on how fast your body reacts to it. Do not take another pill as it can be hazardous to health. In case of no result consult your doctor. Your doctor may increase the dose or change the medicine which suits you.


  1. Holidays- Go on vacation. It is the time when your body and mind is relaxed. You can perform better when you are away from stress, anxiety and your daily busy schedule.


  1. Sauna and Massage – Take hot bath, sauna or massage. It relaxes veins in your body and increase blood flow. Increase in blood flow leads to firm and stronger erection.


Does Cenforce professional give same remedy as Kamagra?

Cenforce Professional UK has the same API (Sildenafil Citrate) which is present in Kamagra. Both are reliable and easily available online. Cenforce UK comes in a packing of 10 tablets whereas Kamagra UK has 4 tablets in one pack. Both the medicines have different versions to suit different needs. Kamagra does not have sublingual version whereas Cenforce does have. You can rely on both the medicines for treating your erectile dysfunction.

Is Cenforce Professional safe to take?

The medicine is safe  if taken as per advice from a doctor. Tell your doctor all about your medicines for any chronic diseases and vitamins you are taking. Read the label of the medicine and take precautionary measures to avoid any medical complexities.

Avoid nitrates and other ED medicines if you are planning to take Cenforce professional UK tablets. It widens the blood vessels by double the size which causes sudden reduction in blood pressure.

Can women take Cenforce Professional tablets?

The medicine is only for treating erectile dysfunction / impotency in men. It cannot treat sexual disorder such as FSAD (Female sexual arousal disorder). Upon gynecologist advice women may take Cenforce FM. The medicine helps in increasing the wetness and lubrication vagina.

Side effects of Cenforce Professional tablets

Some of the common side effects of using Cenforce UK tablets are:

  1. Headache
  2. Body Pain
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Muscle ache
  5. Sleeplessness
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Nose bleed
  8. Increase in Heart beat
  9. Flushing
  10. Vomiting

Side effects should not be ignored and underestimated. Usually side effects go off automatically without any medication. However in case of side effects lasting for more than 3-4 hours require immediate medical attention.

Chest pain / shoulder pain can be the sign of stroke or heart attack. Stop the use of medicine immediately and visit hospital.

Erection lasting for more than 4 hours can cause damage in tissues present in penis. This can lead to permanent impotency. Speak to your doctor in case of any abnormality and unusual behavior in your body.

Precautions to take

The basic precautions what a person can take are read the instruction written on the label of the medicine and follow the guidelines prescribed by a doctor. One can also read more about the precautions of Sildenafil Citrate on the internet. Our expert team of doctors and pharmacists recommend following precautions.

Taking medicine without proper guidance and doctor’s advice can be dangerous some times. Always take necessary precautions and care while consuming ED medicines. Adhere to some of the precautionary advice by our expert panel.

  1. Always consume medicines having long expiry. Short expiry medicines does not have same efficacy.
  2. Do not consume the medicine without doctor’s advice if you are diabetic or have hypertension.
  3. Taking medicines containing nitrate along with any ED medicine can cause sudden drop in blood pressure.
  4. Do not crush, chew or swallow the tablet. Keep one pill of Cenforce professional below the tongue.
  5. Do not take alcohol before or after taking the medicine.

How to store and dispose Cenforce UK tablets?

Keep medicine at a room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat. Avoid damp places such as bathroom and kitchen. The medicine is not suitable for children and pets. Keep it away from them.

Do not throw the medicine on the ground or in garbage. The best way to dispose the medicine is through agencies expert in handling medical waste.

Action required in case of Overdose?

Speak to your doctor over phone without wasting time and visit hospital.

Is Cenforce Professional available in USA and UK?

Yes, Cenforce professional is available portals in UK and USA. Delivery is fast and secured easily on online


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