How to stay Longer in bed and overcome premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation


The new issue in male society is premature ejaculation. Almost everyone is aware of its seriousness and consequences. Premature ejaculation is described as the ejection of sperm from the penis within one minute of sexual intercourse or even before. Discussing the subject is frowned upon. Patients who have premature ejaculation frequently feel guilty and avoid discussing it. It is natural for many men to experience premature ejaculation at any point in their lives. If it occurs just occasionally, not frequently, the person is normal and healthy. However, when this premature ejaculation occurs every time during sex, real concerns should be raised. These are some common signs:

There are two types of premature ejaculation: acquired and lifelong. After having previous sexual relations with ejaculatory difficulties, one may experience premature ejaculation. Men will endure persistent premature ejaculation commencing with their initial sexual experiences in everlasting premature ejaculations.


The causes of the sexual dysfunction is unknown. Premature ejaculation was once thought to be exclusively cognitive, but physicians now understand that it is produced by a confusing jumble of mental and physiological factors.

PE can be a source of concern for those who suffer erection problems. This arises when an individual becomes unable to acquire or establish a strong enough erection for sexual activity. Because arousal vanishes after ejaculation, distinguishing between PE and ED can be challenging. The treatment of ED should be prioritized. PE would not have been an issue once the erectile dysfunction is under control.


Premature ejaculation is defined as a failure to wait more than one minute after penetration before ejaculating. This type of issue can arise in any sexual situation, including masturbation.



There are these mentioned therapies by which a person can stay longer in bed and enjoy some precious time with his mate. It is commonly treated with behavioral techniques, topical anesthetics, medications, and counseling. Finding the right therapy or a combination of strategies for a certain patient may take some time. Behavioral psychotherapy coupled with pharmacological treatment is perhaps the most effective way to proceed.

Behavioral techniques: In some circumstances, treatment for premature ejaculation may be as simple as jerking an hour or two before sexual activity to allow ejaculation to be delayed throughout sex. doctor may also advise that one should skip intimacy for a while and concentrate on other forms of sexual activity to relieve the pressure from the sexual interactions.

Pelvic floor exercises: To enhance your pelvic floor muscles, sit and flex them 10 to 15 times. Do not retain the breathing while also contracting your abdomen, bottom, or thigh muscles. Until one has become accustomed to performing pelvic floor exercises, consider holding each compression for a few seconds.

Medications: Premature ejaculations can be treated with a variety of drugs and therapies. The most common of these drugs is Poxet 60mg (Dapoxetine).  Headache, face flushing, and indigestion are all possible adverse effects. When these drugs are used with an SSRI, they may be more effective.

PE can also be treated with antidepressants such as serotonin reuptake inhibitors. A selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor prevents serotonin from being swallowed into neurons. This raises the quantity of Serotonin that is available to the brain. As an outcome, ejaculation lasts longer (up to 5-7 minutes) and the person exerts control over sexual activity.

Counseling: This method entails discussing your experiences and interactions with a psychotherapist. Meetings can assist people in reducing confidence issues and stress management. When counseling is utilized in conjunction with pharmacological therapy, it is most likely to be effective. Premature ejaculation can make one feel as if you’re losing touch with your sexual partner. You may become enraged, embarrassed, or disturbed, and divert attention from the companion. The partner may be bothered by the shift in sexual interaction. As a result of premature ejaculation, individuals may seem less interested or humiliated. Discussing the issue is crucial, and relationship counseling or sex therapy may be beneficial.


Premature ejaculation is the release of sperm from the penis within one minute or even before sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation is classified as either acquired or lifelong. It’s not always easy to distinguish between PE and ED. Dealing with both ED and PE offers great trouble in mental health and physical as well. It may take some time to find the proper therapy or mix of techniques for a particular patient. Premature ejaculation can be treated with antidepressants, analgesics, and ED medicine.  These therapies allow you to stay in bed for longer periods of time.


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