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Vidalista 40 uk

Is Vidalista 40 UK better than Tadacip 20mg? Points you need to know

Erectile dysfunction is a pandemic which has affected sexual relationship of millions of couples. Men fail to experience hardness in penis due to limited supply of blood into penile region. This causes lot of dissatisfaction to both the partners engaged in sex. Continuous disturbance in sexual life causes worry, tension and many times lead to depression. ED is a common sexual disorder and one should express and talk about it freely. It must not be ignored but a proper treatment can save couple’s relationship. There is lots of ED Medication available online for the treatment. One such medicine available online is Vidalista 40 UK. This medicine is a slightly higher dose of Tadalafil and is easily available without a prescription. It is beneficial for those not getting result from Tadacip 20mg. It would be injustice to say Tadacip UK is not good. In the below blog we have tried to solve and answer different queries regarding to these two medicines.

Vidalista 40  and Tadacip 20 – Two of the ED medicines for great result

Many ED medicines cause erection for 3-4 hours. Taking additional doses after the effect is over is not recommended. Vidalista 40 uk is such a medicine whose effect stays in the body for more than 36 hours. Now men can get multiple erections within this period upon sexual stimulation. Vidalista 40 mg contains Tadalafil which is a PDE Type 5 inhibitor. The role of the medicine is to increase blood supply into penile area by reducing the effect of enzyme which degrades cGMP. It further relaxes blood vessels which become stiff and increase blood supply into penis. An increase in blood flow leads to firm and strong erection.


Tadacip 20 UK is another ED medicine which contains Tadalafil 20mg. It is a product of Cipla, a renowned and trusted pharmaceutical company based out of India. The medicine needs to be taken 20-30 minutes prior to getting engaged in sexual activities. It has to be taken orally with a glass of water. Take one pill before food preferably on empty stomach. Heavy and greasy food slows down the process of erection. Once the onset of action starts, it stays in the body for more than 36-48 hours. You can get multiple erections upon sexual stimulation. You need to have sexual desire else the medicine does not give satisfactory result.

What exactly is Erectile dysfunction and what are its causes?

 ED often termed as impotency is a failure to get penis erection during sexual intercourse. It is the result of various factors such as low sexual desire, physical and mental illness. Lack of exercise, poor diet and poor life style also contributes to erectile dysfunction. Many times people do not understand the real cause of ED and end up in taking medicine recommended by a pharmacist. People also buy medicines online without any doctor’s prescription. This may cause serious side effects and medical complexities.

How can you ensure that Tadalafil is not harming you?

It is really difficult to prescribe the right medicine to yourself unless you have spent years on studying medical science. As Vidalista 40 UK and Tadacip 20 UK are easily available online without prescription, our recommendation is to read about general precautions what you can take to keep yourself safe from adverse effect of the medicine. Some of the general precautions are:

  1. Take the help of a doctor in suggesting you the right dose and medicine for you.
  2. Do not take Vidalista 40 with alcohol as it can cause serious damage to your body.
  3. Taking any nitrate medicine with Tadalafil intake can be dangerous as it causes sudden drop in blood pressure.
  4. Always take medicine with long expiry. Medicines with long expiry have better efficacy than the medicines with short expiry.
  5. Do not crus, chew or split the medicine. Take medicine as a whole with a glass of water.
  6. Avoid taking another pill in case of any delay in getting result from the first dose. You may increase the dose or change the medicine only after doctor’s consultation.

Side effects of Vidalista40 UK and Tadacip 20mg

Some of the common side effects of using Tadalafil are:

  1. Headache
  2. Body pain
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Sleeplessness
  5. Dizziness
  6. Diarrhea

Sometimes people may get serious side effects such as loss of vision, Hearing loss, priapism or stroke & heart attack. You need to be extra careful if you have any chronic disease or cardio vascular disease.

Speak to your doctor urgently if you notice any abnormality in your body after taking the medicine.


Both Vidalista and Tadacip 20mg are excellent medicines to cure erectile dysfunction in men. You may take any of the medicines depending on the severity of your sexual disorder. Always take help from your doctor in recommending you the correct dose. This is done keeping in mind your current and previous medical history.



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