Kamagra Gold 100mg


Kamagra Gold 100mg is the most preferred and popular ED tablet used for quicker and faster action.

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What is Kamagra Gold 100mg ?

Kamagra Gold 100mg is one of the clinically approved, tested and tried medicines for treating impotency in men. It is another variant of Kamagra which has cured millions of men across the world. It has the property of relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Because of its nature of relaxing muscles, doctors also prescribe this medicine for treating PAH (Pulmonary arterial hypertension). Kamagra Gold contains Sildenafil citrate, the same API (Active pharmaceutical Ingredient) which is present in Viagra, the most famous and popular ED medicine in the world.

Kamagra Gold 100mg contains sildenafil citrate which belongs to the group of medicines known as PDE-5 inhibitor. The active role of the medicine is to block the effect of enzyme which impacts cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate).  It further relaxes blood vessels and increases blood supply into penile region. As a result of increased blood supply, penis gets firm and strong erection. The effect of the medicine stays in the body for 3-4 hours.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder which has affected millions of men across the world. It has adversely affected sexual relationship of many couples. This is a temporary disorder because of which men are not able to get or sustain erection for longer duration. This occurs due to both physiological and psychological factors.
Men are not able to get erection because of some mental issues such as dementia, Alzheimer, tension, depression, worry etc. Doctors consider these factors as psychological factors. Along with medicine doctors prescribe positive attitude, counseling and life free of tension and worry.
Some of the chronic diseases have direct impact on penis erection. These are the diseases which cannot be cured but controlled. Examples of chronic diseases impacting erection process are diabetes, hypertension, Parkinsonism, Thyroid, Leukemia etc. As per doctors these are classified as physiological factors.
Other factors like surgery, injury, certain temporary illness also contribute to erectile dysfunction. As per experts Covid can also trigger Erectile dysfunction for people with poor health. Irrespective of causes, Kamagra Gold 100mg helps in improving sexual life of men.
What is PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension)?

Pulmonary arterial hypertension is a progressive disease which affects arteries joining heart and Lungs. Due to various factors arteries become narrow and get damaged as a result of which the blood supply reduces. Even a healthy heart finds it difficult to pump blood as a result of which stroke or heart attack happens. With the help of low dose of Sildenafil citrate, doctors try to relax arteries and increase blood supply.

How does Kamagra Gold 100mg helps in getting rid of erectile dysfunction?

Kamagra Gold 100mg belongs to the family of PDE5 inhibitors. They relax blood vessels by controlling the enzyme which degrades cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate). For a general erectile dysfunction, doctors advice to take 1 pill of Kamagra Gold 100mg, 20-30 minutes before starting the sex. The medicine quickly dissolves in body and starts the action. Effect of the medicine remains in the body for 3-4 hours.

Tips to take Kamagra Gold100 mg:

Some of the expert advices from doctors and sexologists are given below to help you get 100% result from Kamagra Gold 100mg
  1. Always take help from a doctor in treating your erectile dysfunction. A doctor can only suggest the right dose and correct medicine to you. It is important to know the right cause before treatment.
  2. Do not consume grape juice before or after taking the medicine.
  3. Planning sex is vital to get 100% efficacy out of the medicine. The medicine only works on sexual stimulation.
  4. Consume lot of green vegetables and fruits. A healthy mind and body can only trigger the effectiveness of Kamagra Gold 100mg.
  5. Try and take hot water shower. It relaxes the veins and ensures you get good blood supply into your penile area.
  6. Go for a vacation. This is the time when the person is free from all worries and tensions. A relaxed mind always give positive results
  7. Avoid excessive smoke and alcohol. These have negative impacts on erection process.
  8. Do not consume any nitrate medicine because they react with Sildenafil and causes sudden decrease in blood pressure.

Benefits of using Kamagra Gold 100mg

Kamagra Gold 100mg is the best ED medicine available in the market. It is easily available in US, UK and Europe. Below are some of the benefits of using Kamagra Gold UK.
  1. It has far better price than Viagra.
  2. This can be easily purchased online without any prescription
  3. Men get better erection for longer time
  4. It is useful in treating PAH
  5. The onset of action is faster than any other medicine

Does Kamagra Gold 100mg gives same remedy as Viagra?

Kamagra Gold 100mg has the same API, sildenafil citrate, which is present in Viagra. The medicine is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, based out of India. The company is renowned for manufacturing high quality medicine at a lower cost. Thanks to availability of abundant API and cheap raw material  because of which the company has been able to compete with ED brand Viagra. It has same efficacy and quality as a result of which it has become popular all over the world.

Is Kamagra Gold 100mg safe to take?

Kamagra Gold 100mg is a prescription medicine. It is a schedule H drug which means doctor’s prescription is a must for taking this medicine. It is safe if a doctor prescribes this and the person takes all precautions and acts as per the advice.

Can women take Kamagra Gold 100mg?

Kamagra Gold is specially designed for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Women can take Lovegra for treating FSAD (Female sexual arousal disorder). This medicine is also a product of Ajanta Pharma. One can trust and expect good result after consuming the medicine.

Side effects of Kamagra Gold 100mg

Consuming Kamagra Gold 100mg has some side effects which can’t be ignored. It is good to know about the side effects and be prepared for it.
  1. Body Pain
  2. Headache
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Sleeplessness
  5. Dizziness
  6. Hearing loss
  7. Flushing
  8. Vomiting
  9. Diarrhea
  10. Nose bleed
Generally the side effects are not hazardous and go off automatically. However one should be careful and speak to the doctor immediately in case of any abnormality.
For instance erection for more than 4 hours can cause great damage to the tissues present in penis. This can lead to permanent impotency.
People with cardiovascular disease must be extra careful. Sometimes people can get chest pain or shoulder pain. These are some of the symptom of heart attack and stroke. Consult your doctor immediately and seek medical care.
In some rare cases people have lost eye sight as well. Stop the use of Kamagra Gold 100mg immediately in case of change f vision or blurred vision.
Precautions to be taken with Kamagra Gold 100mg
Below are some of the precautions which one can take before starting the medicine:
  1. Read the basic instructions written on the label of the medicine
  2. Take advice from a doctor / sexologist. They are the competent persons for prescribing correct medicine and dose to you
  3. Avoid Kamagra Gold 100mg if you are on any kind of medication for treating hypertension or hypotension.
  4. Avoid amyl nitrate, butyl nitrate and other nitrate medicines because they cause sudden decrease in blood pressure.
  5. Do not consume too much of liquor before or after taking the medicine
  6. Always consume medicine with long expiry. Medicine with short expiry does not give effective result.
  7. Always buy long expiry medicine. Short expiry medicine does not give effective result.

How to Store and Dispose Kamagra Gold 100mg?

Store the medicine in its original packing away from children and pets. Keep the medicine away from direct sun light and damp places. Medicines generally lose its strength and efficacy at such places.

Do not throw the medicine at a place easily accessible to children and pets. Give the medicine to private / government agency who are experts in disposing medical waste.

What to do in case of Overdose?

Visit hospital or consult your doctor immediately.




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